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Brunner Seed has been helping farmers plan for the next corn and soybean growing season. We provide proven traits, genetics and reliable service. Our commitment is to provide you the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

Quality seeds for
successful yields!

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Relationships make the difference. We are thrilled that through our relationship with ProHarvest Seeds, we continually strive to provide a diversity of traits and genetics that add value to all of our customer’s operations.

"Brunner Seed offers top-notch products at a great price. The salesmen provide valuable knowledge and support, as well as, excellent service and in season deliveries."

–  Randy Kitzhaber


Setting the bar with our corn hybrids that excel in higher yielding environments, are regionally specific or have strong overall agronomics.

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Top notch soybean varieties for all growing conditions.  The latest options of soybean seed protectants.

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Our Alfalfas are selected using the following criteria: Leaf to Stem Ratio, Yield, Quality, Disease Resistance, Winter Hardiness and Persistence.

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Quality Seeds
for a Fair Price

Brunner is your trusted seed supplier. We are excited about the line up for the coming year that we have to offer you. As you review our site, you’ll find seeds you’ve come to rely on and trust, as well as some new varieties. Your order can be delivered by bag, tote, seed box or tender trailer.

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